Jackson Architecture | West Australian Supreme Court
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West Australian Supreme Court

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About This Project

West Australian Supreme Court, Perth, WA
Joint Venture with Peter Hunt Architects (Peter Hunt Daryl Jackson Joint Venture PHDJ)

PHDJ’s design for the Supreme Court of Western Australia is underpinned by the State’s desired objective “to provide a structure which appropriately symbolises the importance of the rule of law to our democratic community and which appropriately reflects the significance of the Supreme Court as the highest court in the State and the Judiciary as the third branch of government.”

The Swan River is a dominant entity in the geography and history of Perth and it is fitting that the design approach explores ideas and form that are drawn from the rivers meandering nature. The design team explored ideas and form drawn from the river and various other sources and objectives, wedded together to create unique spaces that flow and contribute to a sense of cohesion and clarity.

The necessity that the environment created must be unintimidating, whilst reflecting the dignity of the office and gravitas of proceedings is understood and addressed, through planning that is at once gentle and organic, yet possesses the strength of a singular idea. The resulting organic forms gently counteract the orthogonal nature of the building floorplate, enabling the Supreme Court to imprint its identity as the custodian of the space.

The floor plate analysis identifies view corridors and vistas that are important to assist orientation and intuitive wayfinding, provide access to natural light and allow views out.  Wherever possible, the view lines are maintained across the floorplate.

The new 14 level premises will deliver Courtrooms, Mediations Suites and very flexible Multi- Purposes Rooms that can be adapted to suit a variety of Hearing and Mediation styles. Judicial Chambers, Judicial Conference Room, Library and Lounges are designed to facilitate a collegiate environment. Registry chambers and administration facilities are also provided.