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Daryl Jackson Architecture, Architect, Jackson Architecture- Melbourne Architect, Melbourne Architecture, Melbourne Architects, Architecture, Architects, Architect
Daryl Jackson Architecture, Architect, Jackson Architecture- Melbourne Architect, Melbourne Architecture, Melbourne Architects, Architecture, Architects, Architect
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About This Project

Living Carlton Housing Redevelopment, Carlton, VIC


The Carlton Housing Redevelopment is an urban renewal and community development project that provides housing and associated facilities for the entire Carlton Community.

It encompasses social housing apartments, market housing apartments and a community wellbeing precinct that provides aged care living, rehabilitation services, childcare and a range of complimentary services for use by the broader Carlton community.

The project will ‘future proof’ the social and urban fabric of Carlton via a suite of highly developed environmentally and sustainable design initiatives whilst creating local full time employment opportunities. All apartments are designed to be accessible and adaptable.


Stage 1: completed 

Stage 1 involves the construction of 3 apartment buildings (N1, N2 and N4) on the northern part of the Lygon/Rathdowne Precinct delivering a total of 174 apartments. The site has frontages to Princes Street, Drummond Street and a new road, Reeves Street, linking Drummond Street and Rathdowne Street. Building N1 (8 storeys) provides 84 social housing apartments; Building N2 (4 storeys) provides 44 private apartments and Building N4 (5 storeys) provides 46 private apartments.


Stage 2: completed

In association with ARM, JCB and FKA.

The development comprises 4 apartment buildings, with associated open space and basement car park on Keppel/Cardigan Precinct, with frontages to Cardigan and Keppel Streets. Building 2 (KN2, 6 storeys) is a Public Housing building of 50 apartments with basement parking for 31 cars. Buildings 1 (KN1, 6 storeys), 3 (KN3, 4 storey ) and 4 (KN4, 4 storeys) are Private apartment buildings of 45, 20 and 33 apartments respectively, a total of 98 apartments. The Private apartment buildings share a common basement with parking for 80 cars.


Stage 3: completed

In association with FKA and ARM.

Stage 3 comprises the western portion of the Elgin/Canning precinct, with frontages to Elgin St, Canning St and Palmerston St. This development comprises of 3 apartment buildings with a new central urban public park and basement car park. The Central urban park has facilities for residents of all ages, including children’s playground. Building 4 (EN4, 8 storey)  is a Public Housing Building of 112 apartments with basement parking for 136 cars. Building 1 (EN1, 6 storey) and 2 (EN2, 5 storey) are Private apartment buildings of 81 and 35 apartments respectively, a total of 116 apartments. The private apartment buildings share a common basement with parking for 113 cars.


Stage 4: completed

In association with ARM.

Stage 4 is located at the north-western portion of the Keppel/Cardigan precinct, with frontages to Swanston St and Keppel St. The proposed development comprises 2 Private apartment buildings and Private townhouses, with associated open space and basement car park. The buildings comprise a total of 82 dwellings, 48 apartments in Building KN5 (5 storey), 29 apartments in KN6 (4 storey) and 5 (2 to 3  storey) townhouses. The buildings share a common basement with parking for 82 cars. A shared landscaped pedestrian path with Stage 2 provides a vital east/west link, linking Cardigan and Keppel Streets.


Stage 5: Rathdowne Place Aged Care and Carlton Wellbeing Project complete

Rathdowne Place is an aged care facility located within the Carlton Wellbeing Precinct which is a part of the larger Living Carlton Project.

Providing a visionary and innovative model of care, Rathdowne Place, has been designed to be inclusive, home like, non-institutionalised or institutionalising. Domestic scale fireplaces, artwork and intimate sitting rooms have been carefully detailed to provide a 5 star hotel like atmosphere as opposed to a typical nursing home. Views to the Dandenongs are captured and generous balconies facing west overlook the new Community Park.

Lifestyle focused, the facility supports positive ageing. It is particularly appealing because of its location and the range of services it provides including:

  • -Day Respite;
  • -Physio/Podiatry/Hair-dresser;
  • -Seniors Gym and Hydrotherapy Pool;
  • -Medical Consulting/Treatment Suites ( future );
  • -Cafe, Cinema and Community room, Multipurpose Activity rooms;
  • – Courtyard Recreation Space


Stage 6: complete

In association with JCB

Stage 6 is located on the south eastern portion of the Lygon/Rathdowne Precinct, with street frontages to Rathdowne St and Colgan St. The development consists of 1 Private apartment building, with associated open space and basement car park. The building is comprised of a total of 143 apartments and includes a basement with parking for 130 cars. The building is 9 storeys in height with 3 levels of basements and a substantial set back to the top storey.


Stage 7A: Under Construction

Stage 7A is located on the northern section of the Elgin/Nicholson precinct, with street frontages to Palmerston St and Station St Park. The development consists of 1 Private 7 storey apartment building, with 2 levels of basement car park. There are 69 apartments and parking for 63 cars.


Stage 7B: In Progress

Stage 7B is Planing is granted awaiting next design stage.


Stage 8: completed

Stage 8 is located within the southern end of Keppel/Cardigan precinct.

There are 20 private predominantly single storey dwellings converted from the existing heritage brick building of the women’s refuge centre dating back to 1850’s, later Queen Elizabeth Centre and refurbishment of the 1881 Chapel for community use.  A public landscaped open space surrounding the chapel and a 363 m3 landscaped public open space fronting Keppel St forms part of this development.

Stage 9: completed

In association with ARM

The development is located within the Lygon/Rathdowne precinct which is bounded by Princes St to the north, Rathdowne St to the east and Lygon St to the west.

There are 2 Private apartment buildings of between 5 and 6 storeys, with a common basement car park and private open space. The North Building comprise 35 apartments and the South comprise 70 apartments with a range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The ground floor apartments have individual street access, ideal for home office occupation.