Methodist Ladies College Music School

Hawthorn, VIC


Completion  | 1994

The Methodist Ladies College (MLC) Music School is centrally located within the Hawthorn Campus and conveys its importance with an external colonnade to the eastern edge of the building. Within, an internal multi-purpose auditorium seats 360 people for performances, rehearsals or lectures.

The interior spaces of the Music School are finished in timber panels to emulate tactility of the design and build of musical instruments.

The foyer, spanning over two levels, incorporates a stepped performance area for informal occasions, a rehearsal hall, instrumental suites, studios, classrooms, and laboratories to accommodate teaching, performance and instrument storage.

At the time of construction, the integrated stair and seating arrangement in the foyer, was the first of its kind in Australia. Now commonplace in education architecture, this informal seating area represents the innovative and ground-breaking approach to architecture that the Jackson Architecture team bring to each and every project.