Box Hill Hospital External

Box Hill Hospital


Eastern Health


Melbourne, Australia


AUD $447.5M

Situated in the eastern region of Melbourne, the Box Hill Hospital serves as a major health referral centre. Consisting of eight-storeys, development transpired over a three-year period. The design considered and accommodated the future growth of Melbourne’s east.

Another consideration of precedence was to maintain the historical significance of the site; the redevelopment included the refurbishment of the existing 1950s hospital. A perceptible bold green can be admired on the façade framing the inner courtyard, which works to create an effective contrast to the sombre grey tones.

Green was selected as a feature colour as it reinforces the history of the building; a homestead and gardens was donated to the Hospital when established in the 1950s. With green being the official colour of the Box Hill Council, it seemed highly appropriate to incorporate the green as a feature colour of the architecture and overall brand of Box Hill Hospital; a green leaf was later selected as the Hospital logo, which is present amongst sculptures, artworks and a multitude of other features.

Numerous courtyards situated throughout the premise, allows patients, visitors and staff to embrace nature and momentarily escape. The conclusive result was, and remains as a contemporary, technologically advanced health care facility.

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  • Emergency care;
  • Theatres;
  • Intensive care unit
  • Cardiology;
  • Oncology;
  • Inpatient units; and
  • Sleep laboratory.


  • Antenatal ward;
  • Birthing suites;
  • Special care nursery;
  • Foetal monitoring; and
  • Specialist clinics.