Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar Junior School IGGS

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar Junior School


Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School


Melbourne, Australia



Jackson Architecture completed the refurbishment of the Ivanhoe Girls Grammar Junior School, offering classes for Prep to Year 6.

The Junior School design combines an existing Federation house with a new volume of space characterised by natural light and plywood to create the Learning Centre.

The space is used for indoor sports, play, gathering and school performances.

Externally, the design introduces a patchwork facade to match that of the existing Federation house which combines brick and stucco. Dominant eaves are highlighted with dark green paint to articulate the structure. This is transported to the new interior where a large skylight brings natural light to the space. The electrochromatic glazing to the central glass roof allows the space to be used at all seasons of the year.

Panelised plywood is used to line the walls, robust and accommodating of active children at work and play. The original classrooms have been upgraded and refurbished to provide new flexible contemporary spaces.