Monash University International Business School


Monash University


Melbourne, Australia



Monash University called for innovative space planning and a visionary design solution to host students and staff of the International Bachelor of Business. The client was eager for exploration and challenges of the preconception of traditional tertiary teaching spaces.

The brief called for a diverse facility that supports innovative and flexible teaching and learning. The design embraces the course’s international outlook and vision to be reflective of industry needs and provide “student centred” pedagogy.



The site is a 3200mm square metre floor plate that spans a city block. The single floor tenancy had evolved over time by the connection of five individual buildings and was somewhat disjointed, subsequently the existing conditions presented several challenges relating to structure, services, maximising natural light and planning flow.

These challenges were tackled in spirit of optimism and solutions intelligently resolved.

The design was delivered through a highly collaborative and streamlined workshop process that facilitated a challenging programme of eight weeks from engagement to full tender documentation.

In collaboration with  | JCB Architects


  • 10 classrooms, in a variety of sizes and configurations;
  • 150 seat flexible plenary space;
  • Library and micro recording studio;
  • Quiet and open plan teacher workspaces;
  • ‘Village square’ style hubs with recharge stations and beverage facilities;
  • Student café with connection to an external roof garden.
  • Administration and workplace facilities; and
  • Facilities for industry functions.