Monash College


Melbourne, Australia

Completion  | 2016

In collaboration with  | JCB Architects

Monash College is the preferred pathway to Monash University, offering foundational programs and English language courses, diplomas, study abroad options and professional pathway programs.

The new Monash College called for a variety of convivial, communal and individual break-out spaces to create a seamless interface between teachers and students and to encourage discussion and interaction among peers.

The learning landscape provides flexible spaces that can be easily reconfigured to suit different teaching styles and disciplines as well as ‘communal spaces’ across the northern façade to capture external views and daylight in an otherwise deep floor plate.


The materiality and colour palette seeks to provide a restrained, calming and welcoming environment for students, whilst still maintaining a vibrant campus, conducive to networking and to encouraging peer to peer interaction and ‘campus’ connections to form the basis for a collegiate cohort.

The design has achieved the key objective of facilitating campus connections and thereby establishing a collegiate cohort of students.